Daxaro Kongsberg: Shaping the Future of Housing with Local Expertise
December 7, 2023

Kongsberg's unique blend of heritage and innovation is where Daxaro's local office thrives, shaping the future of housing with sustainable and intelligent design.

Local Market Insights

With a housing market offering competitive prices and quality living, Daxaro Kongsberg understands the nuances of local and international standards, ensuring projects deliver both value and comfort​1​.

Sustainable Development Goals in Action

Our Kongsberg office embodies the global sustainability ethos, contributing to the city's aim of safe, resilient, and sustainable urban living, in line with Sustainable Development Goal 11​2​.

Architectural Heritage Meets Modernity

Drawing on the multifunctional KRONA Knowledge and Cultural Centre's innovative use of space and materials, Daxaro incorporates similar principles into housing projects, honoring Kongsberg's historical context while embracing modernity​3​.

Join Us at Daxaro Kongsberg

As Kongsberg continues to innovate within housing, Daxaro's local presence means direct access to global expertise. Connect with us to be part of Kongsberg's vibrant future.

Reach out to Daxaro Kongsberg.

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