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our expertise

What we do
Advancing built environments through innovative architecture, smart technology solutions, and strategic property development.

Delivering diverse solutions to elevate your projects in a dynamic environment.

Enhancing spaces and systems for today's needs with practical solutions.


Architecture & Planning

Preliminary Design - Visioning the Possible

Exploring the potential of your property with a range of sketches and preliminary assessments, guiding initial project direction.

Design Development - Blueprint for Approval

Creating detailed 1:100 scale drawings intended for planning applications, shaping the project's path to realization.

Construction Application - Gateway to Build

Compiling and submitting comprehensive documents to authorities for project approval, including unit division, conversions, or new constructions.

Detailed Design - Crafting Final Details

Finalizing calculations and solutions through working drawings to ensure precise execution during the construction phase.

Sectioning - Dividing Your Property

Strategizing the division of property into sections for potential sale or independent usage, following legal and spatial considerations.


IT Solutions

Enhancing efficiency with Microsoft partner-certified cloud solutions and process automation for seamless business operations.
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Identifying key areas for digital enhancement with Microsoft 365 and cloud solutions.

Process Audit

Evaluating your IT setup to uncover efficiencies and automation opportunities.

Strategy Development

Designing tailored strategies for seamless Microsoft solution integration and workflow automation.

Automation Implementation

Executing precise automation to streamline and sophisticate your business processes.

Continuous Innovation

Ensuring your IT systems remain cutting-edge with ongoing updates and improvements.


Property Development & Management

Enhancing property value with focused development and effective management, aligning spaces with modern utility and market expectations.
Development Planning

Practical planning for real estate projects with an eye on sustainability and user needs.

Market Insight

Providing data-driven insights for property investment decisions and growth.

Management Solutions

Streamlined management services to maintain property efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

Compliance Guidance

Navigating legal requirements with expert advice to keep projects on track.

Eco-friendly Practices

Incorporating green methods to promote sustainable living and operational savings.


See what our customers and partners have to say about us.

We are more than satisfied with both the final result and the process as well.

Savannah Nguyen

CEO at ProNature

Alternate turned our digital presence upside down. Great process and result.

Jeremy Ellis

Partner at Greenish

Alternate broguht a fresh perspective and a surprising results in short time.

Sarah Stark

CMO at Automation

From a great strategic overview to perfect execution on every single project.

Jennifer Mason

CEO at Sitemark

A trusted partner that brings a lot more to the table than we expect. Truly great.

Mark Knowles

VP at SnapShot



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