Stiger Sanness

Stiger Sanness: Spacious Living in Kongsberg’s Gamlegrendåsen

Type: Modern Semi-Detached Houses

Location: Gamlegrendåsen, Kongsberg

Status: Completed in 2023

Key Features: Modern aesthetics with functional design, featuring an underfloor basement and four bedrooms tailored for accessibility.

Accessibility and Comfort: The project emphasizes accessible unit design, allowing for comfortable living for all residents with a focus on creating inclusive and adaptable homes.

Located amidst the scenic beauty of Kongsberg’s Gamlegrendåsen, the Stiger Sanness project features modern semi-detached homes designed with accessibility in mind. These homes offer spacious living with an underfloor basement, four bedrooms, and adaptable living spaces to cater to a diverse range of residents. Initiated in 2020 and completed in 2023, these units are a testament to modern living that's in harmony with nature.

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