We are daxaro 

We are daxaro

We are daxaro

We are daxaro

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About us
Founded in 2019, Daxaro specializes in the integration of technology with the built environment. Based in Dublin, our emphasis is on innovation and strategic investments within the technology sector. Daxaro Gruppen Norge AS holds the exclusive rights to the Daxaro brand in Norway, steering marketing efforts and operational planning to support our branches in architecture, IT solutions, and property development.

Our tailored solutions go beyond fulfilling your objectives; they surpass what you've envisioned.

Bridging Structures and Innovation - Daxaro's Blueprint for Tomorrow.
Understanding Daxaro
Our Path to Innovation

Daxaro emerged with a mission to integrate technology into the fabric of the built environment. Guided by our Dublin-based holding company's strategic direction in tech investments, our Norwegian operations — Daxaro Arkitektur AS, Daxaro IT AS, and Daxaro Eiendom AS — bring this mission to life. We navigate the delicate interplay between proven methods and groundbreaking advancements, such as blockchain and tokenization, to streamline and enhance property development. Our journey is marked by a commitment to steady progress, innovative resilience, and a vision that anticipates the future while building on a solid, sustainable foundation.


our way of working
Guided by sustainability and technology, Daxaro’s method merges innovative design with practical, data-informed strategies for modern architecture and development.



We merge groundbreaking architectural design with advanced IT systems, setting the stage for buildings that embody efficiency and innovation.



Daxaro IT champions a unified approach, aligning our architectural and IT prowess with your business objectives for a seamless project journey.



Data is our compass, informing both our architectural aesthetics and our IT solutions. We optimize processes and automate systems for smarter, more sustainable outcomes.



Centering client aspirations, we architect not just structures but also the IT systems within, creating environments that are intuitive and user-oriented.



From bespoke architecture to tailored IT frameworks, we ensure a perfect fit for your operational needs, making your infrastructure both agile and resilient.



Our dual expertise in construction and IT system integration leads to results that not only meet but redefine industry standards for performance and sustainability.


Our Professionals
Introducing our dedicated professionals, who blend innovation and expertise to elevate your business.
Simeon Kirkegaard
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Tomas Kirkegaard
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Commitment to Distinction
Our Pioneering Vision

The Daxaro family—spanning IT, architecture, real estate, and beyond—is united by a singular mission: to redefine the frontiers of our industries. Our dedication to distinction ensures unparalleled service and innovation across all our subsidiaries.

Our Expertise
Tailored Excellence
Diverse Expertise, Unified Vision

The Daxaro approach recognizes the power of distinctiveness in driving excellence. We blend multifaceted expertise with a commitment to your unique ambitions. Our goal is to deliver a spectrum of solutions, finely tuned to align with your enterprise's vision and objectives, ensuring outstanding results across all fronts.

Our solutions


How We Excel
Embracing key principles, our team thrives on innovation, user-centric design, collaborative synergy, and data-driven action.
Core Creativity

Innovation is Daxaro's heartbeat. We continuously evolve, pushing digital boundaries to deliver exceptional and novel solutions.

Consumer Focus

Daxaro starts with the user. Our digital experiences blend beauty with intuition, ensuring every user journey is seamless.

Synergy & Speak

At Daxaro, collaboration is our strength. Transparent dialogue shapes our projects, yielding superior results through unity.

Analytic Action

Data guides Daxaro's every move. We leverage analytics for informed strategies, refining our actions for peak performance.



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Reach out to our Daxaro team; we love engaging in meaningful dialogue.
Simeon Kirkegaard
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Tomas Kirkegaard
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)