Bussedalen 2: Heritage Meets Modern Living

Type: Residential and Commercial Development in a Heritage Building

Location: Central Vestsida, near Krona University College, Kongsberg

Status: Ongoing

Historical Significance: A preservation project that breathes new life into a historic building, aligning with modern living standards.

Environmental Impact: Retrofitting for enhanced insulation and energy efficiency, contributing to a greener Kongsberg.

Bussedalen 2 stands as a model of sustainable development in Kongsberg, combining the preservation of architectural heritage with the creation of modern living spaces. A stone's throw from the Krona University College, this historic building acquired by Daxaro Eiendom has been thoughtfully redeveloped to house 18 contemporary apartments and commercial spaces. The project not only revitalizes the existing structure but also enhances its environmental efficiency and insulation, contributing to Kongsberg's urban landscape.

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